Graduating High School And Self-Esteem

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Accomplishment Graduating from high school is not an easy task, it could be a struggle academically and socially. By graduating high school, I learned that if I stay focused and determined I would be able to make it through college and life. Graduating from high school can provide many opportunities it can affect people in different ways. Graduating high school can allow students the ability to get a job, the chance to go to college, and it can positively impact self-esteem. Graduating high school can provide additional opportunities that wouldn't be available without a high school diploma. The first effect of graduating high school is the ability to get a job. Many employers want people to have a high school diploma to apply for a job and let alone be considered for a position. Having a high school diploma when applying for a job can give you advantages over the other applicants. Obtaining a high school diploma prior to employment can also provide me with the ability to ask for higher pay or even apply for an advanced position. Gaining as much education as possible can lead to better financial success. The second effect of graduating high school is the ability to go to…show more content…
The mental and emotional benefits of graduating high school are countless. Graduating high school gave me the self-esteem needed to succeed at other things in life. For example, attending college and applying for a job. Having a high self-esteem after graduating from high school gave me the confidence needed to apply for and attend college. Having a good self-esteem is important as you become an adult. Additionally, it can help with social interactions while away at college or on a job site. Low self-esteem can lead to poor academic performance, a good attitude and emotional well-being are crucial to academic achievement. Having positive self-esteem, makes me feel that I have useful skills that I can offer to my peers and
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