Graduation Benefits Of Early Graduation From High School

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“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams,” recited Eleanor Roosevelt. Why is it that some high schoolers want to graduate early? Are there any benefits to the advancement position at which some high schoolers would like to achieve by graduating early? The answer to that question is yes! There are so many great opportunities for those students who want to progress with life quicker and hopefully more accomplished. Early graduation can offer high school students and families a more stable and helpful financial environment. By applying such help and guidance to one 's life, it can enable a student to secure a well put together future for oneself and have a higher chance of success. Another benefit of early…show more content…
This previous information illustrates the ability college credits have to eliminate the need to pay for tuition or other costs. Exceeding data that was collected to organize information on how some colleges can benefit students and their families financially is due to certain colleges who target low-income families (Chen). The reason particular colleges target people such as the ones mentioned is because they may want to somewhat allow a “promising” way for students to be successful (Burd). Another reason is because the college sees potential or a form of success for a student, therefore they try to give a student the opportunity to acknowledge the world with their seen gift or intelligence. On the other hand scholarships can be helpful to push out into the college life successfully with financial aid. One may play a sport and want to receive a scholarship from his/her sport. This can be debated between taking AP courses rather than scholarships because for many people who participate in sports, one must typically pay for equipment and gear. On top of the financial disadvantages, generally a GPA level must be maintained along with the great ability to play the sport one may be playing to receive their scholarship. As for AP courses are just the typical class schedule courses but harder because they’re at a higher level. AP courses don’t typically need some form of funding to participate in, as for sports,
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