Graduation By Maya Angelou Research Paper

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A denied dream ¨I knew i lived in a country in which the aspiration of blacks were limited, marked of.¨ Richard Wright Black Boy. This quote addresses the fact that throughout american society African Americans have always had limited power. Throughout history African Americans have always been told what they can and cannot be because of the color of their skin. Many African Americans throughout history felt like they could be more and had the ambition and ability to do so but because of the color of their skin and the unfair and unequal treatment towards blacks they were oppressed and was unable to live up to their full potential. Two stories that correspond with the quote are Graduation by Maya Angelou and Forth of July by Audre Lorde. Because …show more content…

Unlike other white privileged schools the school maya attended did not have the things that other schools had to advance their education but maya angelou and all the other blacks were grateful and felt very fortunate for the opportunity to get an education. Leading up to graduation Maya angelou was very innocent and naive about the world around her. Maya felt like after graduating she could set off to the world ahead she would be free because she had an education. At Maya Angeolouś graduation ceremony she was ripped of her innocence and started seeing the world for what it actually was.The speaker at Maya Angelou's Graduation ceremony was a white man named Mr.Edward Donleavy. Mr. Edward Donleavy first spoke about all the changes and little improvements that had been made in Maya´s community and then went on to addressing the fact that even with an education these black kids had a very limited choice in what they were going to be in the future. Maya addressed that the speaker said ¨The white kids were going to have a chance to become Galileos and Madame Curie's

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