Graduation-Personal Narrative

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I'd be deceptive if I said not being assured of things won't hurt me. Most of you might think I'm theatrical about my position, but finding out my parents decided to arrange a birthday party for my twin nephews the same day of graduation was quite humiliating. Growing up with the impression of being the baby I expected to have the attention of my family. I will graduate with an athletic scholarship and be the first to attend college. May is known to be mostly filled with birthdays in my family. With this being said as proud as I am for myself. I wanted my family to give me one full day of attention even if they cared or not.

One week until graduation. I figured my parents were going to plan a surprise party for graduating. A day before the ceremony I walked into a conversation with my mother and sister. I heard them talking about decorations and cake orders. I asked what for? "Nothing that concerns you
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The next morning, up and ready for my ceremony. I was anxious to accept my diploma. As the graduation end, everyone is roaming around trying to find their families and friends to celebrate. Shortly after I spotted my brother there my family was waiting for me. When I made eye contact I saw no balloons or flowers. Nothing in their hands. With this in mind, I figured they were going to save the gifts for the party I was expecting. I avoided the situation by taking pictures with my classmates.

Not my sister wasn't here, but also the rest of my family. "Hey, where is Steph at?" My mom looked at me and said, "Oh, she's at the twin's birthday party." From that mere moment I knew for a fact they were at my nephew's birthday party. I felt so much disappointment towards my family for deciding to have a party on graduation day. Therefore, I celebrated with close friends of mine that I consider family to me. That care about my emotions and honor my
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