Graduation Speech: A Call From Jack Kile At Brenntag

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Good morning Rich, On Friday evening I received a call from Jack Kile at Brenntag. He was looking for a home for some Food Grade H2O2 35% that a customer no longer needed. If we have a customer that uses this material we can make an offer, maybe at $0.30 lb. It is in NY state and it is just over a year old. More important to me is that Len Marszalek is no longer with Brenntag. Len was my contact so I hate to see him go. ( I don’t know if he left or if he was let go.) Jack said that Len’s position will be filled ASAP so I will reach out to the new person as soon as I can. Let me know if you are interested in the H2O2 or if there is anything else come to mind.
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