Graduation Speech: A Humorous Wedding Speech As A Nurse

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Welcome families,friends, teachers and fellow peers,tonight we are here to celebrate the graduating class of 2017. Today I am standing here to present a story and an experience of mine. Well here I go, Don't we all of a path we eventually follow and experience challenges along the way?

Here's a little story I would like to share. Have you ever been hiking? Whenever you go hiking you have to follow a path or you're going to get lost if you go of the trial. Along the way you usually have to climb over rock , go over hills and eventually complete the path before the end of the day. Hopefully. Following a path there are bumps along the way and experiences which lay ahead. Well now i'm going to change the subject and begin my “extravagant speech”.
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Most of all they helped soldiers during the civil war , also supported women's suffrage. Truly, Clara Barton’s quote Inspired me “ I may be compelled to face danger,but never fear it, and while our soldiers can stand and fight, I can be a nurse and to help them and return them to health”. These people made history and when they were they also had a path and faced challenges,made choices and overcame their bumps in the path.
Coming back to the present tonight we all all here because we went down a twisty path and went over a mountain. Metaphorically speaking. We have successfully completed our high school experience with the help of teachers , fellow students , families and parents. Tonight we accomplished part of our path and after today is next part of a road which will eventually lead to new experiences, new choices and impacts , overcoming challenges but overall will lead to victory. Don't worry about what the future holds in store but embrace all life that it has to offer. Congratulations to the class of 2017, but just remember to work it, love it and continue on your path because great things are on there
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