Running Start Essay

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Savannah N. Wilcox
Mr. Doerr
English 101
Optional Essay 1
Ahead of my class Running Start is an initial advantage over other students upon graduation. By the time of graduation one who has completed this program is granted an Associate’s Degree with their high school diploma. The program allows a student to take college classes while they complete high school. A student who does this program graduates with their Associate’s Degree without cost, Students also get to experience a college atmosphere, and students also have the opportunity to take courses that coincide with their chosen degree or career choice. Running start is a great program for high school students to complete. This is because a student becomes more independent, they have a loss of socialization in high school, and increases in adult social experiences, as well as different school schedules that are likely to not match up when there are breaks or cancellations of classes, which makes it seem as though there are longer breaks of time than the schedule of a full time high school student. A student doing Running Start becomes more independent. Parents no longer are accountable for the attendance, grades and study habits of their child. The student becomes responsible for time management by studying or preparing for exams, assignments that effect their overall grade, and fulfilling the credits needed to get an Associate’s Degree by the time they graduate high school. By beginning Running Start I have
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