Graduation Speech: A Separate Peace

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I’m 34 years old and I’ve never seen the nation as fractured and divided as it is now. Maybe some of you have, and there might be a few of you who have experienced worse. Perhaps one of my closest friends was right when he said that the most fractured periods were in every single moment leading up to this one. It’s just that the division is getting attention on a large scale. Maybe one of the benefits in all of this is that we are finally being forced to look at the filth, the sewage that keeps us from truly loving each other. But it’s only beneficial to notice the junk if there’s a plan to do something about it. Information alone does nothing to bring change to anyone or anything. It’s application, the courage to move, that brings transformation.…show more content…
Instead, reach out to these groups with words and actions that make them feel loved, cared for, and most of all heard. Let them know that the church is standing alongside them instead of giving the impression that we are squarely behind the one who strikes terror into their hearts. And if you think that’s being overdramatic, I encourage you to speak with some of them if you haven’t already. Please do whatever you can do to boldly lead us into racial reconciliation. The last several years and election have brought the racial divide into an intense spotlight. It cannot and should not be ignored any longer and I’m asking you to take the lead in recognition and confession. 88% of black voters watched America (including 81% of white evangelicals) elect a president who 83% of them think is racist. Take a moment to consider that and empathize with them. Along with a host of other race-centered events within the last year or so, things are in dire straits. Please lead the church in striving to understand the plight of the black community and ethnic minorities. Confess the roles we have played in their pain and seek their forgiveness. Bring us together by being an example of humility and
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