Graduation Speech : A Speech

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In the commencement speech entitled “This is Water,” the speaker came to highlight to the graduates at the commencement ceremony, what the “real world “was like because he thought they are not alert enough to know. He made reference to this through the anecdote at the beginning where the two young fish didn’t know what water was and of course water is life to fishes. Therefore, the speaker found it necessary to tell what life was really about through a commencement speech because of his opinion that they may have limited knowledge concerning it. In paragraph 6 of his speech, he states “The plain fact is that you graduating seniors do not yet have any clue what ‘day in, day out’ really means. There happen to be whole large part of adult American life that nobody talks about in commencement speeches.” This point made by the speaker can be redirected back to anecdote at the beginning about the young fishes. The speaker is suggesting to the graduate that just the same as the young fishes did not know what water is, the graduates does not know what is “day in, day out.” In extension to demonstrate that the graduates could be compared to the young fishes, he stated in paragraph 7 “The parents and older folks here will know all too well what I’m talking about.” This statement is reinforcing to say that because the graduates are young and inexperienced then they should pay close attention to what will follow in the commencement speech being delivered. He began by illustrating what…

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