Graduation Speech : A Speech To A Speech For A Student

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Hi Mrs.Reid it’s honestly the biggest pleasure to be in your class, and it’s obvious that you’re a great teacher. You already told us so much about yourself and I think it’s awesome how open you are with us. So, I wanted to return the favor by telling you probably the greatest memory I have in my entire life. I mean not that I lived too long to have tons and tons of memories but still this memory to me will never be replaced or memories it’s kinda like over a span of days you know what I mean? Believe it or not this story begins at my first job technically last job McDonalds while I was working drive-thru. Here I was just another day at McDonalds back to the old grind trying to make a few bucks and it was a pretty calm day. There wasn’t too many customers that day it’s almost like they knew it was going to be the perfect day for me. Anyways, I’m just sitting there waiting for customers and out of nowhere I hear my manager's voice. “If you come right this way you’ll see Thomas one of our best workers he’s in drive-thru.” Here i thought “Oh boy another newbie that’ll take forever to teach” and when they turned that corner my heart sank. Let me tell you I felt like I was in one of those romance comedies or even just romance movies. I swear to you it was like time just slowed the hell down it was crazy. Mrs.Reid let me tell you this girl is the most beautiful girl in the world and i thought it the first second i saw her. Ok, let’s get back to the story anyway, so my manager
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