Graduation Speech : A Student

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Name Date Class Introduction Attention Getter: After being a student in Stretch English, the improvements that I have made have impressed me. I can now compose an advanced level essay. Purpose (state specific purpose, relate the topic to an audience and establish credibility): Step by step I have accomplished or improved in a strategy that is better in my English. In the beginning of college, I was afraid of how I would perform in my classes. I know I would be writing many essays in college. My essays in high school were not great at all and I would not pass or barely pass most of my essays. Now here I am getting a B average on all my essays. It has been a relief to see all the progress I have to accomplish in a year with all the…show more content…
I did not know how to apply them in essays but as I was in Stretch English it helped me apply rhetorical appeals to a specific audience. B. Subpoint: However, now I have learned new ways to prepare and organize an essay. Now I annotate the sentences not based on length but how important the quote is to my prompt. The reader response has helped me understand a reading selection and with that, I can apply summarizing or responding to my prompt. Reader response has helped me with the Course Learning Outcomes with Reading to Learn and Read to write. The drafts helped me focus on the audience as I am writing my essay. Understanding the audience for my prompt help me how I suppose to write in my essay. For instance formal or informal tone and it really depends on who your audience is so you can relate to them. For every essay, I had to make sure the language was appropriate for the prompt and audience. Since we had different types of essays they had a different audience and it helped me change my tone. Connective Statement: There are many new skills I learned to pre-write and organize my essay. II. Main Point (state as a single declarative sentence): The progress that I have made helped me lead up to writing well-developed essays. The main reason I believe my essays are improved because of the time I take on my pre-writing. A. Subpoint: Before I took this class, I didn’t have any idea how to tackle
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