Graduation Speech : African American Women

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When choosing what college to attend I knew I had to go to Spelman. I choose to attend Spelman because of its high scholastic standards for its students and also because of the foundation Spelman bestows among young African-American women. Spelman empowers young women to be the change you want to see in the world. Spelman nourishes students ensuring that they have equal opportunity to be successful. Spelman demonstrates how African American women can not only achieve successful but also gain a sisterhood that will forever live among the students even after graduation. During NSO a quote Dr. Myra Burnett mentioned emphasized on the importance of knowing that you can be and achieve whatever you are willing to work for. Dr. Burnett states, “You can be whatever you want is an incorrect statement however, you can be whatever you are willing to work for. You can have whatever you’re willing to work for” (Burnett). Dr. Burnett explained how you can’t just have whatever you want or choose to be in life without working hard or being willing to do to achieve your goals. It takes hard work and dedication to obtain the things we want in life. Spelman College will impact my life not only through the education but through the high expectations they place upon students from NSO to graduation and beyond.
Setting goals for yourself is an important aspect to help achieve success in life. Setting goals not only helps guide you to be successful, but also helps a person believe in themselves
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