Graduation Speech : An Educator

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As an educator, I am preparing to enter a classroom with many different cultural backgrounds. The first artifact that I chose to use to demonstrate my knowledge of Standard 4 of the CDLE endorsement was an interview I conducted as a piece of a presentation given to the class over Foster Care. The student I interviewed for this was a 10th grade student that is currently a part of the foster care system because she is a refugee from Ethiopia. English is her third language. She is actually very proficient at all of her languages, but uses a handheld translator when she reaches a word she does not understand. These words are usually higher level academic vocabulary words. She was married just before leaving Ethiopia and came here to get a better education. The only reason she is able to stay in the foster care system is she is under 21 and currently enrolled in high school. She attends school with 4 other student from her foster home all of whom are in the 10th grade. I was surprised to hear about that struggles she has had directly related to the foster care system. She works full time to buy the things she needs like clothes. Her foster parents provide only food and shelter to the foster children living in their home. This while their natural children are well taken care of and have their own rooms. The girl I conducted the interview with is the highest achieving of the others she lives with. I believe that it is because she chose to leave Ethiopia on her own to better her
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