Graduation Speech : An Exciting Environment For Students

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A teacher would be defined as someone who educates and nurtures children, teenagers, and young adults into adulthood. Teachers play a huge huge role in individual 's lives, in the aspect that they can make or break a child 's decision on whether they want to come to school or not. One main goal is to get student’s to want to come to school so they can get educated, make changes in the world, become successful, and impact others lives like we want to impact there 's. Teaching provides an exciting environment for students and gives them a place to be when they need some time away from home, and if they want to stay home, I want to be what motivates them to want to come to school everyday. Growing up, I loved school and always wanted to be there. Perfect attendance awards were an incentive that made me want to come to school everyday. I started school (preschool) when I was three and attended for two years because I couldn’t start kindergarten until I was five. Once I did start kindergarten, it was such a fun time for me, that’s where I met some of my closest friends and had one of the best teachers. All throughout elementary school I never had a teacher that I didn’t like and that’s what motivated me to come to school everyday. Over the next couple years after that, going to school was just the best get away for me, but when 3rd grade hit, I started to get bored with school. This is the year where you start answering the “What do you want to be when you get older?” question
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