Graduation Speech At St Francis Parish

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For as long as I can remember, my parents, brother, and I woke up extremely early every Sunday morning to attend the 8am mass at Saint Francis Parish. During my formative years, I was diligent about going to church, but it was not just my parents ‘forcing’ me to regularly attend. I enjoyed going and looked forward to the experience each week. Until I made my confirmation during my sophomore year in high school, my brother and I were active in the youth ministry, attending weekly meetings for the teens who attended our church. However, things started to change from that point on, especially once I reached college. My first two years living on campus, I made friends with many people who are also practicing Catholics. Each week we would gather for the evening mass offered on campus. I was extremely proud of myself; I was not sure that I would have the diligence to attend mass without my parents’ gentle prodding. This continued until my junior year, when I decided to move off campus. Not having a place of worship two minutes from wherever I was making it all that more difficult to make the weekly trip to mass. Now, I only regularly attend mass whenever I go home for winter and summer break. Unfortunately I am still extremely conflicted in regards to my lessening enthusiasm in the Catholic Church. Over the past few months, I have been drifting further away from organized religion and more into my own spirituality. While I still agree with many of the ideals taught by the…

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