Graduation Speech : Becoming A College

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As I did more research on going back to school, it grew very overwhelming. There are a huge number of career colleges, vocational schools that now offer bachelor 's degree programs targeted toward working adults like myself. People frequently enroll in career colleges to acquire new skills or enhance their knowledge. Career colleges offer vocational training programs, such as nursing, beauty, auto repair, electronics, and engineering. Through my research I found that increasing numbers of working professionals are enrolling in school to learn the skills necessary to earn a college degree or take their current career to the next level.

The increasing availability of colleges offering online programs makes it easier and more convenient
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I was also concerned that future employers will be unimpressed with my new degree. I wondered if I got my degree online at National Univeristy— would anyone really hire me?

However, I ended up fitting in well at National because most students were like me. They had jobs and were working professionals. According to the U.S. Department of Education, college students 25 years or older comprise 40 percentage of all students enrolled in college. Likewise, in 2001, close to 3 million people 35 years or older were enrolled in college, according to the National Center for Education Statistics.
After my first few months at National, I learned a lot about myself as a student. Unlike my first attempt at college in my early twenties, I was more than up to the challenge of my courses. I felt motivated and excited to excel. I was worried that I wouldn 't be a good student but I was pleasantly surprised. I enrolled with excitement but also with fear and concern, only to later realize that my fear and concerned were actually pretty unfounded. I was a great student and really enjoyed my classes! I was glad that I did not let my fears prevent me from pursuing more education.

I 'm Afraid It Will Be Too Expensive
I figured that it can be expensive returning to college. The expense alone was enough to cause me to reconsider my decision to return to school and earn a degree. However, I came to the conclusion that my education is an investment. It was an investment in myself. For me it
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