Graduation Speech : Becoming A Teacher

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Becoming a teacher was not something that I thought of doing. It so happen that after receiving my degree in Criminal Justice, I had a change of career choice when my daughter entered Pre-K. This moment took me back to my first time when I started school in New York City and the amazing teachers that I came across took the time to push me to achieving my dreams at a young age. I was influenced by these talented teachers to work hard, never give up and the positivity of their words which have stuck with me through my life journey have helped me to achieved so much that I can look back and give thanks to all the powerful encouragement that I received. I wanted to be a part of every single learning experience that my daughter experience. It amazed me how she was able to grasp information and use her creativity. I have witnessed my daughter use pencils and any object she came across to explore her imagination and create fantasy games, in where she pretended to be characters in a made-up-world. Learning through play is essential in the developments of children and it is extremely important in every classroom. In my classroom I would make sure that the children engage in hands on experience using manipulatives, playing with blocks, painting a picture, playing make-believe, and exploring the playground.
As an educator through play and learning students are able to discover experiment, explore and learn about their world around them by pushing themselves to the limits and helping…
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