Graduation Speech : Becoming A Teacher

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Introduction Becoming a teacher is a fairly sought after profession for many students as they grow up. I have known that I wanted to be a teacher for as long as I can remember. Both of my parents are educators as well as one set of my grandparents. It only seemed natural to follow in their footsteps. When thinking about teaching, I used think about standing in front of a class and giving information. Something that was brought to my attention over the past semester while observing at the Next Generation Clubhouse is the amount of planning that goes into a lesson and running a classroom. Next Generation Clubhouse The purpose of this program is to help at-risk students. They help the students focus on what is ahead in the future rather than what the student may have done in the past. Next Generation wants to provide tools and ideas for the students to be able to create a brighter future with hope and promise. I was not able to work directly with the students, but I was able to get to know them through their files. These files included personal background, a picture, various tests to determine placement in the program, and other various items that showed their personalities. Being in Dawson County, most of the students are caucasians and in middle school. There are about twenty students in the Clubhouse right now, but that number can change from week to week as students come and go. Some of these students struggle in the traditional classroom, which is one reason why they
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