Graduation Speech : Becoming An Criminal Justice Or Paralegal Studies

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There are a ton of majors that students can choose from as they embark on their college journey. While the list hints at endless possibilities, students need to narrow down the path they choose within these fields. “Students feel the pressure to choose a major sometimes without a great deal of self-awareness,” said Anne Scholl-Fiedler. “Sometimes a certain major doesn’t necessarily equate with a certain kind of job.” She continues. Some majors leave many opportunities and not just restrain the student to one job after they graduate. For example, students majoring in liberal arts or social sciences, mostly general studies are able to choose from a wide range of careers that alleviate some stress when wanting to find a job after graduation. “Someone who’s interested in being an attorney doesn’t necessarily have to major in criminal justice or paralegal studies,” she continues. English can be another option for being an attorney since the English major leaves open facets to careers. There are constant major changes in educational careers, and it is often looked down upon when a student decides to change their major. When someone changes their major, they have to spend an extended period of time completing that major, because it was as if their previous knowledge was a waste. But when was it a bad thing to explore what truly interests them and spending time on maybe gathering different facets of these majors and going into a field that is a good mix of these majors? I know many

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