Graduation Speech : Benefits Of School Uniforms

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Cardia Brown Final Paper LIS 201 May 8, 2016 Benefits of School Uniforms School uniforms are a hotly debated topic among parents of school-age children. Some schools and school districts require them, some don’t. There are also school districts in which students in certain grades are told to wear uniforms whereas other students are not. Regardless, parents are in an uproar over the issue, and there are several key reasons. First of all, many parents speak on the cost factor involved in requiring school uniforms. Depending upon the uniforms chosen by your child’s school or district, uniforms can be quite expensive. After all, it is necessary to have at least a few of each item; otherwise, parents would be doing laundry every night and the garments would quickly wear thin according to several New York school districts. Uniform advocates present several arguments, first they contend that uniforms effect students’ safety by lowering student victimization (Scherer, 1991), decreasing gang activity and fights (Kennedy, 1995: Loesch, 1995), and differentiating strangers for students in school buildings (Department of Justice, 1996: Gursky, 1996). Second, advocates believe uniforms increase student learning and positive attitudes toward school learning environments (Stover, 1990). These arguments can go on forever and ever because there seem to be those who can not or will not come to grips with those less fortunate that do not have the income for brand name.

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