Graduation Speech By Maya Angelou

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Deshanna Glenn
Professor Juliet Green
Eng. 1310-014
February 18, 2016
Graduation is a ceremony that almost every single person is familiar with, thus building the connection of the reader. Graduation is an important transition in one’s life. It represents an accomplishment and signifies moving on to something better, more important and the pathway to use one’s knowledge to achieve one’s life goals. It calls for a celebration along with a grand commencement among family, friends, and peers. Maya Angelou’s, “Graduation”, is about a young African American girl, who is excited and proud of her academic achievements. She strives to bring the reader into her world, while looking forward to her grand commencement. There is no doubt that Maya Angelou is a fantastic writer and by her standards, “Graduation” is an amazing piece of writing and what Angelou does best is evoke feelings and empathy from her readers. By relating to them and detailing her emotions for everyone to see, she emphasizes her sense of being wronged Angelou’s graduation was a pivotal moment in her life. She led the readers through her graduation as if they are sitting alongside her. Angelou’s method of telling her story is through imagery; Angelou describes the graduates, “Like travelers with exotic destinations on their minds…”(pg10) “everyone said I looked like a sunbeam.” (Pg. 13) These give the readers a true picture of what was going on and imagery vision of how broadly the kids were…
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