Graduation Speech : Choosing A College

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Choosing a college seems like an easy decision, right? Seniors in high school face a difficult decision to choose a college and where they will spend the next four years of school. This is a confusing time for many students, as they face the stress of choosing the perfect college where they will be able to prosper and thrive and ultimately end up earning a degree and job. While there are differing opinions revolving around the topic of college price, many people promote students to attend public colleges as they can learn the same skills and gain the same degree for a cheaper price. This is a false claim because students are not considering the facts of what they will gain from attending an accredited college. Students should attend prestigious, private colleges because this is where they will receive the best education, employment benefits, and opportunities. Attending a private college increases a student’s chance of earning a higher paying job because employers value where students receive their diploma from. Private colleges are independent schools funded privately through a variety of sources. Public colleges, on the other hand, are public schools which are funded by the government. Because of the difference in funding, this bridges a gap between the tuition of these two schools. This tuition difference is what leads many students and families toward choosing public colleges. A misconception in today’s society is that employers are no longer looking at where a student
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