Graduation Speech : Class, And Visiting Haiti Essay

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Fellow Class of 2016, we did it! I never imagined that this day would come as quickly as it did. It seemed like only weeks ago that I was just a freshman trying to figure out how exactly I could get to the fourth floor, because a senior told me in full confidence that that was where my class was, and being extremely confused and stupid when I found out that there was no such thing. Getting to this day has been a crazy trip for me. Honestly, I never thought that I would make it to this point; with a diploma in the rearview mirror and the opportunity to pursue whatever I wanted ahead of me. A big chunk of my family never made it past 10th grade, so I feel very blessed to be standing here among my fellow peers right now. My entire life had been influenced profoundly by choices I never made for myself, such as growing up the way I had, and being forced into Mr. Burrows’ engineering class, and visiting Haiti has led me to my latest assertion; that I would become an architect and join the Peace Corps. To truly understand why I made this decision I have to explain the “choices” that were previously mentioned. I grew up in Camden, New Jersey, a city that is frequently described as one of America’s poorest cities, to fairly young parents that were not prepared for a child in the least. As a result, for 7 years I lived separate from my parents, in a derelict apartment with my grandmother who was a racist towards her own kind, for reasons I cannot pretend to identify. Every day,

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