Graduation Speech : Class Of 2005 From Senior From Harvard

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His goals here were firstly, to praise the class of 2005 from managing to graduate from Stanford. This is shown in the first part of his speech where he compliments the students for graduating from “one of the finest universities in the world.” Next, he is also seeking to impart what he learnt about life and failure to the students. This can be observed through the stories that he deliberately chose to impart his points: connecting the dots, love and loss, and death. I feel that these were chosen to highlight the key turning points in his life, and what knowledge he was able to gain from them. Lastly, I feel that his goal was to motivate the students to excel in their fields by showing that he was once worse off than they was. This is seen when he mentions that he “never graduated from college”. By showing the audience that he started with less, and eventually became the person that he was, I believe that he was hoping to motivate the students to pursue their dreams. Regarding ethos, I feel that Steve Jobs was able to establish that by first praising the students for graduating, and secondly by admitting that he never graduated college himself. The latter showed humility towards his audience which in turn led to them increasing their receptiveness towards him. Thus, by making himself seem more “human”, the audience will then perceive him as a humble man worked his way to success. To establish pathos, Jobs tells the audience about how he was fired from Apple, and about his

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