Graduation Speech : College Admission

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College Admission ACT, GPA, SAT, and writing ability are some major factors that Simpson college’s admissions use when determining if a student will be accepted or not. Like most other school students must meet certain recommendations in these areas to even get accepted. I think that a student’s ability to write should be the cornerstone of college admissions it allows the student to state their goals and values, can help be the deciding factor in the admission process, and it can be an opportunity for the students to display information they have learned over the years. When I was applying to Simpson, I felt the process was rather simple and easy. I don’t remember any complications with applying. I think that applying to college for me was very simple as I only applied to Simpson College, Iowa State University, Waldorf University, and Cornell College. All four of these educational institutions had almost the same application process. From my experience, I believe that Simpson College has a simple application process. Students must send in their high school transcript along with their ACT or SAT scores and fill out the online application (First Year Students, n.d.). I feel the main purpose of the application is to see how the student will fit in at Simpson and learn the possible interests of the students in order to help expand education, hobbies, and activities. The online application asks simple questions to get most of the basic information about the student applying
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