Graduation Speech : College And The Future After College

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Career countdown taught me many things about how I’m going to prepare for college and the future after it. From filling out an application to learning what is offered at the colleges I’m interested in. Career countdown also gave me good ideas on what I would be interested in majoring in after college. In this paper I will tell you want knowledge I have gained throughout the last six weeks of this career countdown class. Interest and ability surveys showed me what kind of person I am like. In the color inventory my top color was orange. Orange means you focus on making a connection with other people and caring more about their feeling than your own at the moment. In the MI assessment survey I scored the most in the category Kinesthetic. Kinesthetic people learn more through body movements and body language. In the RIASEC survey I scored a fourteen in the category enterprising. Enterprising people are risk takers or the ones who make tough decisions. One career that was given to me was an agent and business manager of athletics. I agree with this job since I would be interested in since sports is my passion. I looked closely into sales manager since my parents told me I would be good at that major. I’m an active listener and I learn a lot through peoples talking and actions. The one week job project had me think how many jobs are out in the world. The jobs I found interesting were stock trader and an astronomer. These jobs interest me since they take a lot of thinking…
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