Graduation Speech : College Athletes

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You have to start somewhere; many of today’s famous basketball players get their career rolling at an early age most commonly with AAU (American Athletic Union) basketball. That carries them into Middle school where the scouts come in; you can get scouted for middle school basketball as well as in high school. The summer of freshman Year is around the time you are invited to join popular camps and play for their summer league. By the time your senior year has arrived you already have a few schools in mind that show interest in you to play college basketball. “National Signing Day“ is the big day. On that day every year hundreds of student athletes from around the nation announce what school they will attend in the fall of the following semester. A big day for college sports fans across the nation.
You have to do at least one year of college before you are eligible to enter the NBA draft according to the new rules the NBA has posted during the NBA’s 2005-2006 season. The big day all college players dream to become apart of is NBA Draft Day. “With the first pick of the 2014 NBA Draft The Cleveland Cavaliers select ___ from the University Of ___.“ Imagine that being your name, going to your favorite team. This is finally a dream come true after years of hard work and dedication. Getting drafted into the NBA is only a step then you must continue to compete with competitors who have been there and those that are just starting.
The Amateur Athletic Union “AAU” is a non-profit
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