Graduation Speech : College Courses

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The biggest challenge I faced coming into this course was myself. I doubted myself, throughout the years, and I put a big obstacle (fear) in my way,to not take this course. I have always accomplished every goal that I set in my life, though it might take years to accomplish, I always find a way to finish my goals. I knew, that by enrolling in this course, I was going to get out of my comfort zone. I think it is safe to say, that no one likes to volunteer, to get out of their comfort zone. Around two years ago, I decided, to enroll in college courses, in order to better my education, by enrolling in college, I got out of my comfort zone. I remember stopping by a classroom, and approaching the teacher. I presented myself, and explained to him, that I felt that I need it, to take college courses, so I could better my education, because I really believed that, college is very important, if a person wants to be successful, in their career, but, I also told him, that I hated college, and that I was nervous because I did not believe in myself. He explained to me that he understood my points of view, but that he felt, that I was not giving myself enough credit, and that by me approaching him, and asking for advice, I was already taking steps, that others have not taken. He told me that the classes were hard, but only if I did not put 100 percent, and that they would get easier with practice. Since Spanish is my first language, and reading is not on my hobbies list, I can
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