Graduation Speech : College Education

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Growing up, all I ever heard was the word college. From the old days of kinder garden and especially up until senior year of high school my entire life revolved around what college I wanted to go to. I believe that most people see a college education as a luxury, a grand accomplishment. There’s many different type of colleges to go to; community college, state universities, and so on. For me, the biggest thing is not where I go to college. For me, the biggest thing is simply to finish my college education and be able to walk across a stage and receive my diploma. A college education is valuable to me because it will help me in life. I will benefit from a college education career-wise, financially, and personally. I believe that a college education is the key to achieving a steady career. My biggest fears are being unemployed, working a job I hate, and working to earn only enough to put food on the table, but not a roof over my head. The only way to not run into these fears is to get a college education. I have been told by many teachers and counselors that in this day and age, a high school diploma can only get you so far, if anywhere. I have witnessed family members who have nothing else to rely on other than their high school diploma and they are constantly overwhelmed and worried about their futures because they have only a mediocre job. It saddens me to know that people that I love are struggling. However, I use that as inspiration to do something different so I will
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