Graduation Speech : College Experience

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The Americanization of going to college is idolized, treasured, and held at a historic prestige here in the United States. You put your hope, hard earned money from summer jobs, faith, endless tears, ACT scores, missing high school football games, slaving away your weekends, and giving up your entire “social life” at the age of seventeen is an epidemic. In the end you’re doing it to get a piece of paper delivered to you in the mail. You pace back and forth, you constantly pester the mailman and even know exactly when he gets to your neighborhood just for the sliver of hope today is the day. Don’t get me wrong I’m the same way especially wanting to transfer to an out of state school after I’m done at ccd. But when you take a minute to stop and think about what you’re volunteering for it can be quite frightening. The dorm life is known as having the full “college experience”. It’s truly exhilarating experience but can only imagine the only experience vie had with it first round was helping my sister move into her dorm freshman year at Regis university. You’re finally escaping the tight grasp of your parents who are insane however you’ll miss them. No more sharing a room next door to your pestering little brother who is always asking for rides and never respects your privacy. New friends, cute boys, cool parties, your own rules and freedom finally. You walk out of your dorm and take on that first day of school. You unknowingly put your trust, safety, well-being, and home cooked…
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