Graduation Speech : College Is Not All Of The Words Of Shakespeare

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Let me begin by saying not all of the words of Shakespeare, “shall I compare myself to another applicant?” Everything usually came easy to me in school growing up, until I hit the brick wall that most refer to as college. This was when I realized that I really had to study to earn my good grades. This turned out to be the ultimate wake up call. Coming into college as a freshman alone was stressful and I chose to add being a varsity athlete on my plate. My first two years of college consisted of learning how to balance athletics and academics. My wake up call came when I didn’t do as well as I had expected in my first semester science class, general chemistry. I loved chemistry, but this turned out to be an unrequited love. I did not do as well as I had hoped, but I refused to let this deter me from my ultimate goal. The balancing act of being a varsity athlete and a student taught me patience, but it also taught me to prioritize. After two years of playing basketball for my institution, I chose to focus solely on my academics. This was a very difficult decision for me, but I knew it was best to target my time towards bettering my academics.
I excelled in many of my classes, but at the same time some of them gave me a bit of trouble. Although, I found myself doing much better academically once I entered nursing school. I felt as though the “weed-out” classes of my undergraduate studies were not fulfilling my prime focus on my future career goals. Nursing school was when I…
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