Graduation Speech : College Is The Most Common Word That Comes Out Is Debt Essay

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As a person talks about college, the most common word that comes out is debt. For me, college meant more opportunities. Opportunities behind my imagination. Talking to all my friend about where I would be attending this fall, they all seem surprised because of how much the school costs. But one thing they didn’t realize or consider was how hard I worked to get into that school and what my goals were that made me decide to go there even though I might end up in some debt. Some people decide to go to college for the party life, the idea of being Ivy league, big name schools, in another word, prestige, that was not the case for me. I decided to go to Lehigh because of the financial aid I received and the resources provided to students on campus. To me getting a college education wasn’t a choice, it was a stepping stone that I needed to step on for me to compete on part with some people who gets everything handed to them without the need to work as hard. On one hand, I believe a college education is worth it because a college education gives those with a disadvantage a chance to fight on part with those who gets everything handed down to them from an older generation and those who were gifted enough to not need a college education to succeed. On the other hand, I also believe a college education is being overpriced where a life debt is placed upon you.
With high school not giving the students enough resources to better prepare them for the real world, college is where students…
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