Graduation Speech : College Is The Question

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Katie Block
Ms. Swift
3 April 2017
Go to College or Not to Go… That is the Question In today’s society, going to college is expected of teens. As a teen, it seems like everyone is going to some type of higher education, whether it’s a trade school, community college, or a university. For aspiring writers, going to college for some type of writing degree is a great debate in itself. The most popular issues with going on to higher education is how expensive it is, and the necessity of a degree for writing (spoiler alert: it isn’t actually required). However, there are also other issues to consider when wanting to be a writing such as the purpose of a degree for writing, finance for getting into college, a wide-range of skills,
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Some people are able to get through with little to no debt thanks to high-paying scholarships, or just finding a boat-load of them. However, others are not this lucky and sometimes have to take out a loan. If a student is trying to avoid debt, then loans definitely are not a favorable choice. When looking for a scholarships, remember to keep an eye out for scams; you should never have to pay a fee for scholarship searches, and if a scholarship looks too good to be true, then it probably is (“Top 10 Tips” 2). When looking for a scholarship or multiple ones, a quick way to find some is using “FastWeb” to find eligible scholarships. A teen still in highschool could ask their guidance counselor for advice or assistance in finding scholarships or grants. Grants are also a great way to pay for college with “free money.” Before looking for any grants, make sure to fill out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) in order to get any federal loans or grants. A student can get a Federal Pell Grant, which is awarded to students who haven’t earned a bachelor’s degree yet. Asking a university’s financial aid office about available institutional grants can help cover the cost of education not covered by federal assistance money (“Hacking Financial Aid” 2). Another source to cover the cost of education are special programs, odd jobs, and

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