Graduation Speech : College Program Essay

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UCAN is a program that weekly, visits local high schools providing them college mentorships. As part of college mentorship, we aid students, in college applications, financial aid, college essays and college preparation. The program is efficiently split into three parts, so mentees and mentors can take most from it. The three parts consist mainly of helping seniors in the college application process, teaching and mentoring sophomores and juniors about college preparation, preparing for next year. I first joined the UCAN program in Fall 2016, an aspect that really captivated my attention was that we could aid high schools, this really interested me because this was an opportunity that I did not count with in high school. I wanted provided the aid and support that could not receive when I was growing up. Coming from a under resourced high school, I find bringing program like UCAN to high school student very beneficial. In my upbringing, I was very unaware of what life after high school would be like because neither of my parents had had the opportunity to attend higher education, therefore they had no knowledge of what college meant other than what media portrayed. When college applications came around I was alone in the process and I did not have anyone to help me in the college application process, this is extremely difficult. To avoid this difficulty, I believe a program like UCAN would be very beneficial to students that find themselves under the same or similar
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