Graduation Speech : College Readiness

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Allgood 1 Erin Allgood prof. Walls English 1301 4 December 2014 College Readiness Students in today’s society are not adequately prepared in high school to enter and take on the challenges of college. Yet, millions of high school graduates dive right in because that is what they are expected to do. We are setting them up for failure by having this unrealistic expectation that students can succeed unprepared. According to The National Center for Public Policy and Higher Education, nearly 60% of all first-time college students in the United States discover that despite being fully eligible to attend college, they are not ready for postsecondary studies. There are numerous opportunities for students to prepare for college in high school. Such as dual credit and advanced placement courses that even offer students a chance to receive college credit upon completion. Many high schools offer college preparatory classes that teach students how to manage their time, study, take notes, and even how to survive on a college budget. One could complain that college is too expensive, but there are numerous forms of financial aid, scholarships, and grants available. So what is the big deal? Dennis Ahlburg (President of Trinity University) believes that the importance of college should not be overlooked and is “well worth it.” But, if students are not taking these resources seriously are they actually helping? Is the “Cost of College Well Worth it” straight out of high school though? W.J.
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