Graduation Speech : College Recruiting Essay

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In 2014, there were around half a million NCAA student athletes. Of these half a million students, right around 65% received some sort of scholarship to their university. The recruiting process is one that is vicious and very unfair in many different aspects. Recruits are given a time frame in which they must make their decision, leaving them often times making premature decisions which can very negatively effect their future. This is exactly what college coaches want. In the lucrative business of college recruiting, heavily sought after athletes are subject to several recruiting tactics by coaches who wish to better their university 's future. These tactics can include pressuring a child into making a decision prematurely, trying to get other recruits to convince the child to commit, and even threatening the child in some rare cases. Consequently, the students are caused to make rash decisions regarding their very own future. This results in students ending up somewhere they may not want to be for four of the most important years of their life. This may also result in students missing out on thousands of dollars in scholarships to other schools that were not using these recruiting tactics. Ultimately, the competitive recruiting practices are more important than the outcomes, because without these practices, the consequence would never happen. Thus, the effect is only forced by a cause, so if a cause is non-existent, the effect will never occur. In baseball, Saint Mary 's
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