Graduation Speech : College Schedule Essay

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Time passed really fast and it approached to the end of the Spring Quarter. When I looked back, I still thought I just finished my orientation. In this quarter, I experienced lots of new and difficult things in UCR, which made me reduce much concern. As a result, I was pretty appreciated with my first freshman quarter because it helped me improve my abilities in different areas.
I always put my academic career in the first priority and I thought I did a good job in getting used to college academic life. Comparing to high school, college schedule of class looked more flexible and students just needed to take two classes per day. However, it required us to have more preparation before class. At first, I had a wrong expectation in college class, which I owned lots of free time. Fortunately, I realized the difficulty of each class in the first week. When I got into the lecture, it was hard for me to follow my professor’s step with such fast rhythm. Homework assignments made me have more struggle since I could not catch up the key point at class. After I found the hard work, I tried to reread my book, powerpoint and summarized the main points by myself. While I read those materials, I found the connection between main points and lecture. It helped me finish my first homework assignment, at the same time, it gave me some ideas of preparing for class. Before each lecture, I would preview the new chapters and wrote down some important definitions. In class, I just needed to focus
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