Graduation Speech : College Students

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College, whether community, private, public, or vocational, encourages a creativity and belief within students, offering the explanation that their futures increase ten-fold just by having a degree. It proves the ability to learn and connect concepts and to think critically and efficiently, skills highly useful in their careers and endeavors. It instills within students, the truth about the world around them and how interactions with staff and peers will guide them for their future encounters. College means opening doors which would normally be inaccessible for a high school graduate because the learning goes beyond the classroom and allows them to connect their studies with real life application. Students are encouraged to apply their passions and studies to gain skills such as independence, networking, critical thinking, and socialization.
I believe students attend college because it is an expectation in their family or in their household. What distinguishes this expectation, however, is the generation and pressure put upon students. In my case, I was a first generation student expected to work hard throughout high school in order to transfer credit and earn scholarships. I was enrolled in programs in order to make the transition easier and the cost more attainable. I was slated to become the role model for the next generations in my family. I was disrupting the status quo in order to show going to college was a possibility and the pathway to making a better life.…
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