Graduation Speech : College Success

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As a group we decided to include a “College Success” course for freshman within out First Year Experience. Instead of making the course required, we would prefer to make the class optional and offered for 2 credits. The class would be for 50 minutes per day and either Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday and available both spring and fall semesters for first-year students at High Point University. The course would be recommended to all freshman for the fall semester in order to assist in the transition to college life, but would be offered spring semester as well for students who struggled first semester with becoming acclimated to the university. The course will be based upon the idea of creating balance in all senses of life – social, academic and emotional. The instructors will teach students about the importance of mattering its effect on thriving, developing a growth mindset, how retrieval practice may be used in studying and proper time management. In order to properly teach the students, professors will include essays, discussions, post-discussion reading quizzes and weekly reading journals into the class curriculum. It is vital for the class to include assignments and have a strict attendance policy, minus two absences, in order for students to actually learn and the important material that will be taught. We believe that the existence of a specific College Success class is critical to our First-Year Experience. Without teaching a class, students may feel
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