Graduation Speech : Columbia Public Schools Essay

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School Description
I am very fortunate to be employed with Columbia Public Schools in Columbia, Missouri. Our city is located in the middle of the state of Missouri about 2 hours away from Kansas City, Missouri and 1.5 hours away from St. Louis Missouri. I am currently on assignment at Battle High School (BHS) the newest of three high schools in our city. The building completed construction three years ago and only has academic data for one year. Our high school services 1,400 students from grade 9 to 12. Our staff have an average of 8 years of experience, with more than half with an advanced degree. The teacher – student ratio is 1:18, total teachers are approximately 78. The demographic of students include 5% Hispanic, 30% Black, and 56% White. The other 8% include Indian, Asian and those whom are bi-racial and choose not to identify with only one group. The overall attendance rate of our students is 76% and 48% of our students are eligible for Free or Reduced lunch.
Current Data Teams
Data teams are in place at BHS and include 12 different teams.; 9 English, 9 Gov’t , Algebra, Physics, 10 English, World History, Geometry, Biology, 11 English, US History, Algebra 2 and Chemistry. Each of these teams are comprised of educators from varying levels. The commonality is the subject they teach, which corresponds to the name of the team they are on. The responsibility of each team is to determine the current levels of achievement of students in these areas and increase those
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