Graduation Speech : Dream Primary School

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About Dream Primary School
Dream Primary School’s establishment united many levels of the community as it morphed from rural school into modern learning centre, landing firmly in the 21st Century, facing a myriad of expectations and challenges.
Forty kilometres from the CBD, the feeder community compares well demographically, with above average median household incomes and high employment rates (ABS 2013). 87% of the local population have English speaking backgrounds and 11.7% were born overseas.(Kilmore - Brodford???)
Although statistics are excellent, the learning community still faces challenges, such as newly migrated families joining the school. With limited English, these students and their families require a range of community and educational support to become established in Australia and this takes coordination of supportive resources and informing the community of their needs.
Respecting cultural diversity, the school understands the unique place people from all backgrounds hold in the area’s heritage and future. Those rich backgrounds are often realised in learning experiences and information about many cultures is available to support learning programs.
Embracing differences, the school offers excellent, personalised education for every student. Smaller than average class sizes and fluid groupings catering for students’ needs have been effective strategies for Dream Primary School’s facilitation of personalised learning. Resourcing of the curriculum, with one eye
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