Graduation Speech : Education And Career Path

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In the midst of my sophomore year, I had been given some beneficial advice on my schooling habits, from my mom. Unfortunately, I didn’t take it into account until I found out how utterly ruinous my education and career path was, due to unsatisfactory grades and my subpar attendance record. I had fallen behind an entire year’s worth of schooling. After dropping out of high school for the second time, I decided to seriously think about my mother’s suggestion. Before my grades began slipping, my mother had recommended that I go to a private, or alternative school. The only reason she had suggested this was because of my pitiful social skills and lack of effort put into my school work. She could tell, early on, that I was going to botch my education. Luckily there was an exceptional charter school still accepting students, the only downside was that I would have to wait two weeks for an interview, and then, even if I did get accepted, I’d have to figure out transportation. The charter school was located on the other side of town, and I would have to invest in a $50 bus pass each month. After, roughly, a month’s wait I received an email, including an attachment containing my term schedule and a date for when I would be enrolled. I was relieved, to say the least. I had been apprehensive, thinking that I may have had to settle for getting my GED, rather than a high school diploma. I wasn’t aware that that wouldn’t have made much of a difference when it came to job
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