Graduation Speech : Education And Education

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Every fall, millions of students return to school to learn about math and science, English and history, every weekday until summer finally returns. Year after year, the same fundamental classes return and, time after time, seem to faintly impact the students. Schools have been designed so you learn the same information, slightly more in depth, from kindergarten to senior year. What about topics that would further the student in their future after graduation? Schools emphasize the same core subjects throughout the years, but not the real life obstacles millions of millions of people face. What if schools required classes on survival, job interviewing skills, studying, how to pass the SAT- all classes which would further students in their…show more content…
In the movie, The Perfect Score, six teenagers who have so much pressure placed on them to get into a certain college, conspire to steal the answers
Bielema 2 to the SAT, so they can all get high scores. Another aspect of college many students are not prepared for is the way the classes are taught and the depth of information. From lecture after lecture to brand new information, college can be quite a shock from high school and can cause many students to do badly their first semester. High schools should format their classes the way most colleges do in an attempt to prepare students for college. When I started taking classes at New River Community College it was quite different than what high school had been. The course was Pre-Calculus, which I had completed in high school. However, the work load in the college class was much higher and the pace was much faster. You had no time in class to work, the teacher rarely had time to answer all questions, and a lot of the information was brand new to me. However, with the information I did already have, I was able to follow her notes and have a better understanding of the information. Finally, the structured format of school does not prepare students well for online classes- another aspect of college. From balancing their time between class and personal life, many students wait until the last day to finish everything. This causes bad grades, a ton of stress, and most of all teaches the
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