Graduation Speech : Education And General Experience

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Education and General Experience:
I have a Masters degree in technology (and another in education), plus over 30 years of professional, customer-facing, consulting and management experience in selling and delivering superior products and services that exceed expectations, and demonstrate extraordinary project and business management prowess. I empower teams and customers by framing the value proposition of solutions, and then developing architectures, road maps and teams that generate a high return on investment. My communication skills are second to none, and allow me to confidently mentor technical teams, as well as advise C-level executives. I have worked as an executive with P and L responsibilities, and thrive in matrix environments.
IBM Product Lines:
Big Data: Over 40% of our enterprise projects implemented and exposed the capabilities of Big Data. I am very familiar with most products including Oracle 's offerings (e.g. NoSQL Database, Big Data Appliance, Exadata and Cloudera), and other options (e.g. Cassandra, Aerospike and Hadoop). Using predictive modeling and analytics, we analyze the data and create lucid visualizations to better understand customers, products and partners, and to identify potential risks and opportunities for commercial companies and governmental agencies. My deployments cross a wide variety of industries and purposes such as analyzing banking transactions, automating call center responses, and investigating law enforcement records.…
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