Graduation Speech : Education From An Ordinary Institute

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There are different factors for which a person can be categorized into which status he belongs to. As per my concerns, I would rate Education as the first and the preeminent reason. But having education from an ordinary institute is very much contrasting from having it in a University which own excellent standards. For having such education from such institutions, apart from money a person should have diligence and should be curious towards learning new things. Curiosity is the first and the foremost quality which drives a person towards learning new things. From my childhood one of my qualities which drove me to this placeis my robust zeal which I have possessed right from childhood. My interest, passion, dedication in every piece of work I do, enabled me to acquire significant knowledge on various aspects of nature and technology, as well as leading me through a successful educational career. With my eyes clearly set on my goals, I took up mathematics and Computer sciences in my pre-university course. I have excelled in academics right from my school days. In school, I actively used to secure one of the top positions in the class. I have consistently been allured towards subjects that draw upon one’s analytical abilities. Hence, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics were my beloved subjects. I was placed among the top 10 % of the candidates who appeared for the Higher Secondary Examination. This ensured my smooth passage into an engineering degree. After my Schooling
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