Graduation Speech : Education System

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All throughout high school, teachers would tell us we have to be prepared for college, or our occupation after we completed all of our schooling, but to me all they did was prepare us for exams. The education system in our generation is based off standardized testing, or teaching us how to take a test. This practice of learning only to fulfill a specific testing requirement or to reach a TEKS objective has been gradually causing a decline of the education system. What I mean by this is that education is supposed to help us and assist in advancing us or at least make it easier for us to become successful in our life span, however it feels like the system is doing the complete opposite. In classes today, professors come to class with a book and a couple of presentation slides in hopes that it’ll help to jam information in our heads that we will somehow manage to temporarily retain for the upcoming exam. The irony is that immediately after we take the exam the information is likely to disappear, which is not conducive when you consider that the purpose of college is to educate us in preparation for life. Our brains can only absorb a certain amount of information, so why would we want to receive information that we would only need for a test and not information that we will need for our futures and the real world. If professors encourage college students to focus more on preparing for our post-college careers instead of standardized tests, then I wholeheartedly believe that the
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