Graduation Speech : Elementary Crisis

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Elementary Crisis Have you ever felt like you are a let down to your parents and most of all yourself? My first years of elementary school were very difficult for me because I was a dreadful reader and writer. English has always been a tough class for me. I would cheat on my assignments, essays, and tests. After getting home from school, I would always tell my parents I did not have any homework because I felt like I was letting them down by not finishing my assignments in class. Not only would I lie and cheat, I felt inadequate of all of my work. I never felt like any of my work was suitable enough to turn in. Starting in about the third grade, I was placed in a special education class to enhance my reading comprehension and writing skills. I was embarrassed and ashamed thinking this made me less of a person. It was almost a sin for me to tell any of my friends I was in this extra help class. Even though I was in “normal” English class at the beginning, I would have to leave when we took spelling tests, reading tests, or read to a book. I felt incompetent. As the years past, my fellow classmates discovered the reason why I would always leave class to take tests or to read books. It was at this point where I would be ridiculed for not being at the same comprehension level as my fellow classmates. Elementary school was difficult for me because I never felt worthy enough to have friends. Even though I was constantly put down, I was determined to prove to them I was and…
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