Graduation Speech : Elementary School

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From my kindergarten beginnings up to my recent experiences, I have always wondered about the world around me and always tried to put others needs before myself. My father also thought of me as a caring philosophy due to things like questioning about “What is death?”at a young age. My elementary school, Foothill Oak, has shaped some prejudices and arrogance that I did my best to hide and fix through my middle school through high school. In Foothill Oak Elementary School I was one of the few that liked math and did my best in school. In that time I developed a prejudice against Hispanics due to being bullied by a few and not having the academic drive I did. Yet I had a few Hispanic and Latino friends that wanted to learn in school as I did but many of them didn’t. In elementary school, I felt like I wasn’t challenged in math at all but the real challenge was reading and writing. I didn’t know why, but I skipped sentences, mixed up b’s with d’s and I was slow at reading but, everything I did read I understood it completely. My parents thought I needed help so they sent me to a reading and writing class during a summer to help. It didn’t help much, but then we concluded that I might be dyslexic because my Father was dyslexic, but his love for reading was some much, due to a harsh childhood, that he was able to compensate for it. Later, they found a place called “Brain Highways,” and it was meant for children with underdeveloped brains. So we did it with a recommendation from
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