Graduation Speech : Elementary Summer School Program

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Every year, I have the opportunity to teach an elementary summer school program. Although this program only last for a month and a half, parents want to see some type of learning progress with their child; rather big or small. I believe given informal assessments throughout this program will help show the parents and students how they are making progress or what extra help can be provided for them to make the progress that they need to make.
My classroom is consisted of 8 kindergarten students. Their parents have written out skills from Reading and Math that they would like for them to work on during the summer. One of the Math skills that they have as a common goal to learn is to count objects. This mathematic skill coincides with the Kindergarten Math standard: CCSS:Math.Content.K,CC.B.4. This standard wants the students to understand the relationship between numbers and quantities. To put in a kid friendly term, this standard is asking the students to count and tell how many.
Being that the summer program is short, I will not be able to introduce every number. I am going to assess the students on a mixture of numbers from less than 5 to greater than 20. I am assessing this particular math skill first because it is a requirement of the parents. I am also assessing this skill because this is a requirement of the math standards for kindergarten which will help them connect to other parts of the math concept such as adding.
We will begin by counting up to 100 with the Shawn
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