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To the County High School Class of 2012: As you sit in front of me, I know what most of you are thinking at the moment. There are those who are already pondering about what life without high school will be like; those who are debating whether or not to tell your crush tonight about your whispers of adoration you’ve secretly held for four years; some simply want to get out of that ungodly chair, get that thing that isn’t really a diploma but only tells you when to pick up the thing, and then be the first one on the green bus to the grad party — you know who you are. And the rest, well, the rest aren’t even paying attention, you’re thinking, “Great, here comes one of the valedictorian speakers. Next up: a boring speech straight out of the …show more content…
For the moment, please do not dwell on the past or even look into the future, there’s time for that later. Instead, I ask that you give up a few minutes of your lives to sit back, let that gown flow and enjoy the final curtain call of your high school career. Enjoy the sights and sounds of today, right now; and be aware of the mindfulness opening your senses and releasing your inhibitions can summon.

Feel the tingle on your eyes; it is trying to tell you something so pay attention to it. Look, do you see it? That’s anxiety, a thick and pulsating anxiety that is flowing through the air right now from person to person. It is a stream of consciousness that is multiplied in this medium only because we all have the same questions: Do I have time to go to the bathroom? When will this Asian fool shut up? Who is this guy sitting next to me and why is he so ugly? The anxiety will not die. Capture the anxiety in your mind as a visual aspect of tonight. Remember it.

Let the twitch in your ear awake your emotions. Listen carefully. It’s the sound of a gloomy day. What is usually a dismal tune is now replaced with the bittersweet melody of our graduation ceremony under the clouds. Ask yourself, when was the last time you realized the song, instead of the sight of a day? Capture the drizzle as an audio aspect of tonight. Remember it.

Allow the pads of your fingers to feel

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